Product Information

Choosing the Best Size for You

Please be aware that size does vary according to design or material so to be safe you should check the size chart before buying. You can find size information for all our items on the item page.
It might be a good idea to measure one of your own t-shirts and compare that to our size chart, allowing for a bit of shrinkage on the first wash.
Here is what our international PR and design manager says: “We have two types of tees ― basic tees (black tag) and soft tees (white tag). Soft tees will not shrink when washed as the material is polyester/cotton. Also the soft tees have a slightly tighter fit, which some people prefer. As for basic tees, these are 100% cotton, so when washed for the first time the white tees will shrink, hence they are slightly larger than other colors, to compensate for this shrinkage. Other colors will shrink very slightly.”
The weight for the majority of our T-shirts is around 210 grams.
Take a look at our measurement guide here.

If you have any questions, please get in touch at

Washing and Caring for your Clothes

First of all, please always read the care and usage instructions that come with your purchase. Our advice with washing is to do a cold wash (this is how most people wash their clothes in Japan). This will reduce shrinkage and print deterioration (of course, there will be some shrinkage and prints do fade over time - that's normal). White t-shirts will shrink slightly more than colored ones.
Turning the garment inside out when hanging out to dry helps to reduce fading.
Washing in hot water or machine drying will not be kind on the t-shirt, we don't recommend it.