Introducing graniph

What is graniph?

"A gobsmacking array of world design talent liberally applied across quality superlimited - edition tees, folded and displayed neater than sushi rolls to be sold for refreshingly realistic prices." (quote from T-World).
Founded in 2001, graniph has pioneered a new culture of fusing art and fashion on the timeless medium of the t-shirt. Through collaborations with cutting edge artists from around the world graniph has constantly provided its customers with the freshest limited edition t-shirts at a refreshing price.

Where is graniph?

From its first store in Tokyo's trendy Shimokitazawa neighborhood, graniph has blossomed to over 70 specialist t-shirt stores spread throughout Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and of course online. View our shop list to find your nearest store.

Interaction as a Creative Principle

Of course, many people wonder how graniph maintains such a constant flow of high quality output. The answer lies in graniph's collaborative design process.
In addition to our family of in-house designers we collaborate with both up-and-coming and established artists from around the globe.
Innovative collaborations with a range of musicians, films and magazines adds further depth to the graniph collection.