Customs (MUST READ for customers in EU and China)

Customs, VAT and Other Additional Fees

Important Info Regarding Customs, VAT and Other Handling Charges.
MUST READ for EU and UK customers.

Please be aware that items bought through the graniph online store are subject to local customs, VAT and/or other handling charges.
These fees are in addition to whatever you paid to graniph and are the responsibility of the customer.

While for the majority of our customers this is typically not a problem, EU and UK customers seem to be especially subject to such charges, even when ordering a single item.

▼Things to keep in mind before placing your order:

Due to the following points, customers ordering only a few items or less may feel that the additional charges are extremely high in comparison to the amount paid to graniph.
Handling fees are common in addition to any customs or VAT charges.
For example UK customers are usually charged a standard £13.50 handling fee per package regardless of the items' value in addition to VAT.
Even though you may have only been charged 1000 yen or nothing at all by us for shipping, the actual cost of shipping is usually included in the total value of goods when accessing customs and VAT.
While we are unable to quote exact shipping costs before or after placing an order, please see here for worldwide EMS shipping rates from Japan.
A product's weight is usually listed in its description area on our website.

▼Things we wish we could do, but can't:

・Guarantee any information regarding additional fees
Unfortunately there are just too many countries and too many rules for us to list them all accurately, so please, please, please check with your local customs and postal authority's web site for specific information before ordering.

・Lie about the value or contents of a package, or mark it as a "gift" in order to avoid customs charges.
-It's against the law and we simply won't do it.

・Contact your local customs agency or postal service to negotiate fees or policy.
They won't listen to us, but they may listen to their citizens.
So please contact your local authorities to let them know that you just want to wear cool designer Tshirts from Japan without breaking the bank.

・Compensate you for any additional charges.
While that would make us a pretty cool company, our hope is that our reduced shipping fees will help you cover these costs.