We are replacing the old stamped point cards with
a new point system on
our graniph Official App.
You can transfer your stamp points to the app and use them on our International web store.

Starting September 26th 2017

Download the free graniph Official app
for convenient shopping and added features!


■ App benefits and functions

1. Point service is available.
2. We will deliver valuable coupons exclusively to app users.
3. You can shop at the online store.
4. You can register your favorite items.
5. You can pre-order (online store only).
Further member benefits will be added in the future.

* IPhone, Android only.
* Earlier versions of the app can not inherit MyStore information.
* Register again from the application or site after updating.

For questions regarding the app and points service
please contact
international@graniph.com (Japanese time, weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00).


■ How to register for the App

If You Have Already Registred On The Online Store
please register the app before you come to the store.

※If you use the app in Guest Mode and later connect the app to your online store account any points accumulated on the app will be lost.

■ About graniph Point Service
We are replacing the old stamped point cards with a new point system on our graniph Official App.

・You get one point for every 100 yen of shopping.
・One point can be exchanged for one yen at your next purchase.
・For 300 points you may get one free tshirt.
・You may use the points on the Internationl web shop.
・Points are valid for one year after your last purchase.
・You can not use or accumualte the points in stores outside Japan.
■ About The Stamp Card

You may  use the stamp card you already have until its expiration date. You may also transfer your stamp card points to the app.
1 stamp is worth 20 points.
The points transferred to the app is valid for one year from the date of transfer.    
■ How To Transfer Your Stamp Points To The App

After having installed and registered the app you please ask
the store staff to help you with the stamp to app transfer.
You can not transfer the points before registering the app.
To see how many potins you have you must login to the app.
You can not transfer expired points.
It may take a few days after transfer before the points appear on your app.

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