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・Forgot your email address or telephone number?
Please send us an email with your name and address.

・Forgot you password?
Please reset your password.

・Account locked?
Sometimes your account will be locked for security reasons (too many login attempts etc.). If that happens send us your email address with your name, email address, and telephone number.

・Did you register before May 27th 2015?
Due to our system overhaul on the 27th of June with an emphasis on user privacy we have reset all user passwords.
Please use the "Password reset" below to set a new password before logging in.

Password reset is here

Shipping Costs

Orders of 10,000 yen (e.g. 4 T-shirts) and more are shipped for free. Orders of less than 10,000 yen are shipped for a flat fee of 1,000 yen. Worldwide. Superb...we think, anyway.

Can I cancel my order before it ships?

Yes, as long as your order has not been sent to our logistics center which happens on the second business day after your order was placed.
If you have a graniph account you can do this online to ensure the quickest response.
If you don't have an account, you can email us at international@graniph.com with your order code (the one that begins with E_GRANIPH).

Haven't received your order?

If you do not receive your order within ONE WEEK of receiving the shipping confirmation email, or your shipping status looks like your package is held up in customs, please contact your local post office or EMS operator with your tracking number. This is the quickest and most effective way to check on your package as unfortunately there is very little we can do once the package has left Japan.

Shipping Times

Orders are normally shipped on the second business day after being received. Since our office is closed on Saturday and Sunday, this means orders made Friday and Saturday will not ship until Tuesday. You should receive your order within ONE WEEK (please note that this depends on your location, and the speed of your local postal service).

Shipment Tracking

When you order, you should be sent an order confirmation mail. When your order is shipped we'll send you an order confirmation mail with a tracking code. You can use this code to check on your shipment at through your local post office or EMS operator's website.

Point Service

Our point service system is available to those customers who register at the online graniph store. You will receive one point per order of 2500 JPY. You can trade 15 points for a tshirt of 2500 JPY in value. By selecting "Point use" on the order form the cost of one tshirt will be automatically deducted from your order.
You can only use 15 points per purchase.
Points can not be used if the total cost of the order is less than 2500 JPY (not including shipping, rebates etc.).
If the total cost of the order after applying points is zero, the shipping fee of 1000 JPY will still be applied.
Points are only valid for one year from issue.
Points earned will be awarded after the dispatch of the order.
In case the order is not picked up and is sent back to us any points used will not be returned.
Points earned at the online store are not useable in any of our real life retails stores, and vice-versa.

Gift Bag Promotion

We are offering a free Gift Bag for customers who request it. If you check the "Gift" box when ordering we will add one Gift Bag to match the size of the order (if the items can not fit into one Gift Bag two smaller ones might be included). * This service does not include any gift wrapping or wrapping of items..